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Nature-centered Design Integrated with Industry

We are constantly carrying out innovative research into bio-based materials that are derived from agricultural and food waste, as we are doing in our ''Packioli'', ''Lampunto'' and many other projects...

To increase our impact and implement solutions quickly and effectively, we believe in the power of diversity and new innovative alternatives in the biotech industry. That's why we're proud to offer home-compostable & marine-degradable biocomposite pellets made from corn waste.


''Packioli'' is 100% bio-based, cost-effective & ideal for versatile packaging solutions in both rigid and flexible applications. 

Projects & Services


For our industry-focused and high-impact projects, such as the award-winning circular material ''Packioli'', we ensure the sustainable growth of our initiatives by partnering with progressive companies in the sector.

*Naturelink Innovation (EU Supported Project)

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In-house Projects

Alara Ertenü Studio is an emerging pioneer in the research of bio-based materials x product design, in particular industrial alternatives made from agricultural waste.


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Brand Collaborations

To raise awareness of innovative materials in the design sector, we work with local and international companies to ensure that the biomaterials we develop add value to their business and promote nature-centred design.

*ANANAS Design + Crafts x Alara Ertenü Studio

Web Development

Through our own involvement in the biomaterials and biotech sector, we understand the needs of companies in the sector and provide the highest quality web development, UI / UX services... to meet their needs and ensure sustainable growth.

*Ottan Studio

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Get in touch to find out how to collaborate and work with us.


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